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The Boys of Summer

Why do guys really go to the beach? For the girls. Our photo history of Grand Bend continues with a tribute to the fellas. Questionable decisions always lead to good stories.


What Happens At Nightclub School, Stays at Nightclub School

Each summer, Coco’s welcomes a new group of young people who get put through their paces at Mickey’s own “nightclub school”.


Press Release: Grand Benders, An Original Docu-Soap Series

Toronto, ON [April 16, 2012] — Life’s a beach when you live at “The Bend”, the picture-perfect lakeshore setting for GRAND BENDERS, an original docu-soap series that premieres May 8, 2012 at 9 pm et/pt on bpm:tv,


The Real Justin Rapaport

Justin Rapaport — Justin (26), apprentice to his father in all things management, runs the kitchen and bar orders.


Oh N-N-N-N-Nancy!

Connect with Nancy on Facebook GRAND BENDERS premieres May 8, 2012 at 9 pm et/pt on bpm:tv.


Shooter Recipes: The Don Cherry Bomb

Shooter recipes from Mick and the gang at Coco’s.  This week’s featured recipe is our  version of the classic “Cherry Bomb” shooter.


Mickey’s Top Dance Tracks, Friday the 13th Edition

Let Mickey Cocos get your weekend started with his top dance tracks, Friday the 13th edition.

Video Sneak Peeks: Mickey Cocos

Mickey (a.k.a. Mickey Cocos) is Coco’s owner. He is a wiley Polish-Jewish mastermind/trickster who oversees every decision and even works the DJ turntables on hot summer days.


The Ultimate Mickey Cocos Gallery

Connect with Mikey Cocos on Facebook GRAND BENDERS premieres May 8, 2012 at 9 pm et/pt on bpm:tv.


Grand Bend Girls

We’re starting off our visual history of Grand Bend with “The Girls of Grand Bend”. And, as you can see, girls and “The Bend” go together like … peanut butter and jam … peas and carrots … monkeys and bananas …