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Grand Benders, Juan The Lifeguard

Juan The Lifeguard

GRAND BENDERS airs Tuesdays at 9 pm et/pt on bpm:tv.


Shooter Recipes: The Dirty Diaper

This shooter recipe is perfect for moms who want to live ‘on the bend’ this Mother’s Day. To make the Dirty Diaper take…


A Grand Benders Mothers Day Q&A with Nancy

Q: Nancy, you’ve been called the mother hen to Coco’s female staff. How many chicks have you watched over in the 25 years you’ve owned Coco’s? A: 535.

A Short History of Cocos and Gables Grand Bend

Like the rivalry between the Hatfields and the McCoys, the roots of the Coco’s/Gables story goes back to the 1800’s when the tourist trade was just beginning along Lake Huron.

Grand Benders: Episode 2 Summary

Episode 2 – storms Air dates — Tuesday, May 15th at 9 pm (et/pt); Saturday, May 19th at 7 pm (et/pt) ENCORE — Tuesday, May 29th at 9 pm (et/pt); Saturday, June 2nd at 7 pm (et/pt) Competition is fierce at the


Mickey’s Top Dance Tracks for May 10th

With only two days to go until Mother’s Day, Mick plays it sweet and kinda’ shy with these top dance tracks.


Grand Benders ‘Meet the Cast’ Party Photo Album


Where To Find bpm:tv

Tonight is the night! It’s GRAND BENDERS big premiere on on bpm:tv. Don’t know bpm:tv? Too bad for you.

Grand Benders: Episode 1 Summary

Episode 1 – chaos Air dates — Tuesday, May 8th at 9 pm (et/pt); Saturday, May 12th at 7 pm (et/pt) ENCORE — Tuesday, May 22nd at 9 pm (et/pt); Saturday, May 26th at 7 pm (et/pt) Coco’s opens full time on Ca


Shooter Recipes: Grand Bend Tracksuit

Since Grand Bend is sometimes referred to as ‘Florida North’ here is a Grand Bend take on The Florida Tracksuit shooter. Leave the tracksuits at home but fill the void in your cup with this delicious summer shooter.