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Party Like A Grand Bender This New Year’s Eve

Party like a Grand Bender this New Year’s Eve. Follow these five simple tips for the best night, ever! 1. Get your beauty sleep. People who sleep more, look better. It’s a fact.


Holiday Shooter Recipes: Pumpkin Pie

There are some things that can put you in the holiday spirit right off the bat. The sound of carolers signing. The crisp feel of the first snowfall under your boots.


Holiday Shooter Recipes: The Noggy or Nice

Ah, eggnog.


Holiday Shooter Recipes: Cranberry Sauced

Everybody loves Jell-O shots but you won’t win any originality award breaking out the usual flavours for the staff Christmas party.


Holiday Shooter Recipes: The Holly And Ivy

Red and green decorations are a sure sign that Christmas time is upon us – or at least that the department stores have sold their leftover Hallowe’en stock! This week’s holiday shooter recipe is equally festive: the

grand-benders-holiday-shooter-maple kiss

Holiday Shooter Recipes: The Maple Kiss

Nothing’s got quite the same sweet, stick-to-your-ribs warmth on a cold winter night than real Canadian maple syrup, and drinks don’t come any more Canadian than this week’s shooter recipe: the Maple Kiss! To make