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10 Hottest Bods in Beach Volleyball

Have you ever seen a professional volleyball player that wasn’t totally cut? Because it’s impossible. It’s a physically demanding sport, and you have to be in prime shape to compete.


What is Not So Pro Volleyball?

Volleyball is the perfect beach sport. Physical and demanding, it lends itself perfectly to the play hard style of Grand Bend.

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Top 10 Beach Sports

You’re tanned, you’ve read all the The Hunger Games’ novels, and you’re looking for a reason to stay on the beach? How about getting a workout while you catch some rays? Here’s a list of the top 10 beach sports (

July 19: Mick’s Top EDM Tracks For The Weekend

With summer in full swing, we asked Mick what’s heating up the dance floor at Cocos this weekend. Whether you’re cruising the strip, working on your tan, or getting ready to go out, add these jams to your playlist.


Top Tips for Getting a Great Tan

It’s the peak of summer now, and that means one thing: it’s time to get serious about turning that tan into a golden glow.


What Happens At A Pow Wow

What happens at a pow wow? A quick guide to help you with your pow wow know how.


What is Mitt Romney Doing Now?

What is Mitt Romney doing now? For the most part, Grand Bend’s most famous cottager has been lying low.


Beach O Pines in Grand Bend is Where the Rich Relax

Beach O’ Pines is a gated community of gorgeous cottages and lakefront property located just south of Grand Bend.