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Grand Benders Cast: 9 Things You Should know About Princess Coco

When it comes to Cocos, do you know who’s really running the show? The loud mouthed, boss man Mick? The quiet number cruncher Nancy? The frantic and stressed out Justin? No.


7 Polish DJs Currently Making Waves

History and family are an important part of life at Cocos Grand Bend. But how do you stay true to your roots on the dance floor? You find people from your home country who can party like you do.

EDM crowd

Mick’s Beginners Guide To EDM

Since Mick discovered EDM a decade ago, he hasn’t looked back. EDM has the power to make converts and change lives. But while EDM has had a shorter lifespan compared to some musical genres, right now it’s massive.

Dan Jacobs

The 8 Best Reasons To Put A DJ In The Toronto Mayor’s Office

Rob Ford, the crack-smoking Mayor of Toronto, has been losing staff left and right since word of his skid-row behaviour came down the pipe in May.


The Accordion: A Brief History Of Mick’s Favourite Instrument

We don’t really know where Mick found his accordion and we’re not sure when he started to play it. But play it he does! Here’s a brief history of the accordion — Mick’s favourite instrument.


Tips For Mayor Rob Ford: How To Go On A Grand Bender And Not Get Caught

No matter where in the world you live, by now you’ve heard of Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford.


6 DJs Over 60 Who Are Still Killing It

Stepping into Cocos, you might think it’s weird to see someone like Mick behind the decks. You wouldn’t think a guy with grey hair could pack the dance floor.


Grand Benders Cast: 8 Things You Should Know About Mick

If you’re walking into Cocos for the first time, you might wonder who the old Polish/Jewish guy is running around, giving orders, and sometimes jumping behind the decks. That’s Mick.


MTV Shows That Have Made Waves

MTV has never been afraid of going in the water. Now it’s dipped it toe into Canada’s Great Lakes with the premiere of Grand Benders — a docu-soap about life in Grand Bend, Ontario.