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Grand Benders Cast: 10 Things You Should Know About Robyn

Robyn is one of Cocos most popular waitresses. And when Mick needed one of the staff to be a part of his bikini contest, Robyn was an obvious choice.

Spring EDM Festivals - Mysteryland

Top 5 Spring EDM Festivals

It’s finally spring! The sun is out, the ice is beginning to melt, and the bars will soon be dusting off their patio lanterns. That means one thing: getting out and shaking off that cabin fever with music and dance.


Grand Benders Cast: 10 Things You Should Know About Patrick

Patrick has spent more time at Cocos than anyone other than Mick, Nancy and Justin.


Grand Benders Cast: 9 Things You Should Know About Nancy

While Mick and Justin argue and fight to keep Cocos running, Nancy works her magic behind the scenes. She’s the quietest one of the trio, and steadfast.

History of EDM - Disco Ball

The History of EDM: Disco

If you want to know about EDM, you have to start at the beginning. And that means disco. Without disco, there would be no EDM. This is the history of EDM: disco. When disco started, it was a counter culture movement.

great bartender - many drinks

What Makes A Great Bartender? 8 Things That Count When You’re Serving It Up

Working at Cocos can be mayhem. The bartenders have to be on their toes, doing a million things at once and keeping their cool the entire time.


Grand Benders Cast: 6 Things You Should Know About High Kick

Hick Kick is the latest addition to Cocos’ bar staff. He’s a bit of a goof and has a seriously deadly high kick. As the only male bartender, he has to prove he can keep pace with the Cocos’ ladies.


Grand Benders Cast: 9 Things You Should Know About Chad

Chad is the smiling barback at Cocos. But if you never noticed his smile, we can’t blame you. Chad is Cocos’ resident body builder and cougar magnet.