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history of edm house

History of EDM Music: House

In the world of EDM, nothing is bigger than house. But how did house music go from a Chicago dance floor to topping the charts around the world? This is the history of EDM music: house.

Best EDM Movies

6 Best EDM Movies

EDM is so huge, it’s sometimes nice to get a little peanut butter in your chocolate and enjoy other things that are influenced by the music. With that, he are the 6 best EDM movies to watch. 1.


Grand Benders Cast: 10 Things You Should Know About DJ Amy Elizabeth

While Cocos had had many DJs come through the door, there’s one who’s stood out enough to become a regular — DJ Amy Elizabeth. Here at 10 things you should know about Grand Benders cast member DJ Amy. 1.

History of EDM Techno - Belleville Three

History of EDM Music: Techno

Even with the success of disco, electronic music never took off in the mainstream.

History of EDM Dub - Jamaica 1974

History of EDM: Dub

As you know from our previous post on the history of EDM, disco shook up the dance floor and lead to electronic music.