The beach. For generations people have flocked there to rest, tan and hook-up.

Beach life is slower, hotter, and more carefree than the rest of the year – but it doesn’t last long.

While summertime lasts, the atmosphere is exhilarating, and action-filled. The sexual energy is palpable: only the thin layer of nylon in bikinis and bathing suits keep the shores from becoming a sexual free-for-all.

Near the Canada-US border, on the shores of Lake Huron, lies a classic beach town — a hot-spot destination for over 100 years, Grand Bend is also a legendary party place — one of the last of its kind.

Tens of thousands of vacationers travel there every weekend to get what they need: an escape from the city and their jobs, an escapade with friends, perhaps a romantic encounter.

Behind the postcard images of beach life, one unforgettable place has helped create the area’s famous reputation.

Part dance club, hotel, bar and restaurant, Cocos is a family-run business that’s been packing crowds in for a generation, after the sun sets.

Its success depends largely on Mickey Rapaport — a.k.a. Mick Coco, the eccentric Polish-Jewish showman/trickster who created it.

Beachgoers come to Cocos for its festive atmosphere, its eclectic decor and hot nightlife.

But a diehard group of young people seeks it out for other reasons. It’s a “nightclub summer camp school” — a sought-after place of employment for any young person looking to work hard and play hard.

“Basically what I do, I babysit them all season,” says Mick. “Their parents know I’ll be looking after their sorry asses all summer — and I have to pay them too.”

Cocos’ crew of 18- to 24-year-olds will undergo a unique beach town boot camp, involving sleep deprivation, caffeine and cigarettes, liquor, love stories, misbehaving, hard work, and lifelong friendships.

By the time Labour Day weekend ends and it’s time to shut down, the goodbyes will be bittersweet.

Driven by its characters’ charisma and the iconic visuals of a carefree beach life drenched in sun, GRAND BENDERS is a television series that plays like a family sitcom, a docu-soap that captures the feeling of a youthful “summer to remember”.