6 Secrets To Being A Great Door Shark


Some places have a host or hostess to greet guests when they come in. Some businesses will put out a sign with a funny joke to entice people passing by. Cocos has a door shark. The door shark engages people, grabs their attention, and reels them in. It’s a tough gig, and not everyone can do it. So we ask: What is the secret to being a great door shark? Here are six things that count when you’re reeling them in. 

1. Confidence. Tons of people walk the main strip of Grand Bend, the majority of them tourists who are new to the town. You have to be cool with getting in someone’s personal space, and making them glad you’re there.


2. Breaking the ice. You can’t be a wallflower. The door shark doesn’t wait for people to come to him or her. A great door shark can break the ice and start the conversation.


3. Accepting rejection. Being a great door shark means not getting discouraged. There are loads of people who will tell you “no.” They’ll keep walking. Maybe, they’ll pretend they don’t hear you. Or, they’ll just turn you down and keep walking. It’s no big deal. Just keep working the sidewalk. That one got away, but there are plenty of fish in the sea.


4. Get your smile on. Both Patrick and Laura know that getting someone interested in Cocos means getting on their good side. It’s a great chance to try out jokes, get strangers laughing, and enjoy oneself while spending all day on the sidewalk. If you make a person’s day a little brighter, they’ll remember that if they’re looking for a pint later.


5. “Back for more?”. There’s nothing worse than hitting up someone you just hit up five minutes ago. But if you remember them and make a joke about it, they’ll be flattered.


6. Clothing. “That bikini matches your eyes.” “Where did you get those awesome sandals?” In Grand Bend, it’s hard not to notice what someone is wearing. And chances are, they’re wearing it to be noticed. Patrick and Laura will both comment and flatter people for their choice in clothes. But be nice. If someone is wearing crocs and a fanny pack, it’s better to say something else.


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