What Happens At Nightclub School, Stays at Nightclub School


Each summer, Coco’s welcomes a new group of young people who get put through their paces at Mickey’s own “nightclub school”.

Nightclub school has it’s own code of conduct and ten rules that each and every employee must follow.

Rule #10 is the most important — follow “Mick’s Problem-Solving Flowchart.” Mick even follows that rule himself as you’ll see by the photo above. There is Mick consulting the flowchart before turning his attention to Justin. Always best to consult the flowchart before you give the guy with the knife sh*t.

Rule #11 is the unwritten rule — what happens at nightclub school, stays at nightclub school. Or at least that’s what we’ve heard.

Now to the rules…

Mickey’s Ten Rules of Nightclub School

1. Don’t bring sand to the beach. In other words leave your significant other at home. There is plenty of sand of all shapes, sizes and colours to be had at the beach if the need arises.

2. No poaching Coco’s pond. No hook-ups with your co-workers.

3. Party hard, work harder. This one is self-explanatory…

4. Be punctual. Buy an alarm clock!

5. No lollygagging on the job. Everyone knows what that means … And if you don’t you can check here.

6. Promote your workplace 24/7. Like other places do in Grand Bend. Hey, it’s a small town!

7. Must be energetic. Get enough sleep. Ok, TRY to get enough sleep.

8. No competitor’s food allowed in Coco’s. Self-explanatory.

9. No partying at the bar up the street. Party at your own bar.

10. You must follow “Mick’s Problem-Solving Flowchart”. See below.


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Geo Anderson —

Love that chart
does the damn thing work >? no >did you fk with it > yes> you dumb shit > hide it hehhe

I want to work there

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