2014 BPM Festival Tips


If you’re hitting the 2014 BPM Festival in Playa del Carmen, you want to be prepared. A little advance planning means your festival experience will be that much more awesome. Here are some 2014 BPM Festival tips to make sure you have a blast.

1. Don’t you hate being losing your friends in a crowd, or sticking by their side like a puppy? Just get the Find My Friends app. For both iPhone and Android, Find My Friends lets you see everyone and everyone see you.


2. You might be thinking to yourself that this is winter, but it’s also Mexico. Bring some sunscreen you’re going to be out for long stretches of the day.


3. You might want to take some meds in case you get Montazuma’s revenge. You don’t want to spend any longer in the washroom than you have to.


4. Umbrellas? Rain gear? Boots? Are you kidding? This is Mexico! There’s no need to bring a backpack full of gear just in case it’s starts to rain on your parade. Leave all that stuff at home and just relax.


5. Pace yourself. This festival is lasts for 10 days and 10 nights. You don’t want to burn out while there’s still fun to be had.


6. Wear comfy shoes. You’re not going to want to sit down for any stretch of time.


7. Keep a program guide handy. You’ll want to know who is playing where and when. And when that DJ knocks your socks off, you’ll want to know their name.


8. Be good to other people and other people will be good to you. You can almost see the karma at festivals like this.


9. Bring cash. Whether it’s getting drinks or snagging a cab ride back to hotel, you don’t want to waste time looking for an ATM or exchanging.


10. Stop and smell the roses. Take pictures. When you get back to reality, you’re going to miss this.


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