6 Best EDM Movies

Best EDM Movies

EDM is so huge, it’s sometimes nice to get a little peanut butter in your chocolate and enjoy other things that are influenced by the music. With that, he are the 6 best EDM movies to watch.

1. It’s All Gone Pete Tong. This mockumentary follows fictional DJ Frankie Wilde as he climbs the charts and then loses his hearing. It’s a harrowing threat for any DJ, and It’s All Gone Pete Tong toes the line between serious and funny. Plus it shows why everyone gets so stoked on Ibiza.

2. 24 Hour Party People. 24 Hour Party People traces the rise and fall of bands like Joy Division, New Order, and Happy Mondays. It all centres around the record label that spawned these bands, Factory Records, and its impresario Tony Wilson (Steve Coogan). While the club, The Haçienda, was a major influence on the rave and electronic scenes, this film shows how people can sometimes be their own worst enemy.

3. Party Monster. This is more of a cautionary tale, as we see what happens when a Club Kid’s life becomes a party, and then it all goes too far. It’s campy and some of the acting is pretty bad, but you have to admit, those parties in 1980’s New York look like a hell of a lot of fun.

4. Human Traffic. This lighthearted romp is mostly a comedy about five characters, but set to the backdrop of 1990’s clubbing scene in England. The music is amazing, even if the characters totally overlook it and spend most of the time being talking about sex and drugs instead.

5. GO. This party movie from 1999 is basically what parents and old people though the dance scene was all about. It’s full of fast cars, drugs, sex, and should definitely not to be taken seriously.

6. Saturday Night Fever. Sure it’s about disco, but disco is where much of today’s EDM finds its roots. Saturday Night Fever captures the partying, dancing, and clubbing when that was something new, before it became the way we all do things.

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