7 Polish DJs Currently Making Waves


History and family are an important part of life at Cocos Grand Bend. But how do you stay true to your roots on the dance floor? You find people from your home country who can party like you do. For the Cocos’ crew, here are 7 Polish DJs currently making waves.

1. Catz ‘N Dogz kicked off their career by hosting their own parties in 2005. Their 2008 debut album “Stars of Zoo” got the world to take notice and they’ve been topping tech, disco and deep house charts ever since.


2. The tag-team of Karol XVII & MB Valence routinely top the deep house, house, and electronica charts. These two were named the best Polish DJs of 2008, and their list of awards grows longer every year.


3. Marcin Czubala comes out of left field to rock techno and electronica in a way few ever have. Known for his academic approach to sound design, Czubala trained in classical music before switching over to the club scene. He’s the thinking persons DJ, so there’s no guilt in this pleasure.

4. Arnaud Levasseur has been in the game a long time. He made a name for himself in the psy-trance scene in the ‘90s under the name Concept, and then he dabbled in everything from chiptune to trip-hop. He’s now launched a new label, SFX Recording, and has his sights on conquering tech-house under the name Noon.


5. Formerly known as Pixel Cheese, Tom Swoon is a progressive and electro house monster. He’s most known for doing remixes for folks like Steve Aoki, Kaskade, Benny Benassi, not to mention crossing over into the pop world for artists like Linkin Park and Dido. He’s been called an “artist to watch” for 2013, so get on this bandwagon before he gets huge.


6. Jakub Rene Kosik is best known as JRK, but he’s been the man behind the curtain for projects like DBCN, Lincoln Six Echo, Terror Smith, Inspector Gadget, Miss Masturbator & Babe The Hummer and loads more. He’s been around since the late ‘90s and he’s put out more songs than some countries. From techno to deep house to minimal, this guy is the Swiss Army Knife of DJs.


7. And who says you need to quiet down once you’re over the hill? 76-year-old DJ Wika shows that you’re never too old to jam if you keep your ear to the ground. She can rock senior-citizen parties and dance clubs alike, spinning everything from disco to salsa to house.


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