What Your Favourite DJ Says About You


With a scene as big as EDM, everyone gravitates to what they like. The kind of music you love dancing to speaks about the kind of person you are. Here’s what your favourite DJ says about you.

1. Steve Aoki. You’ve been around the block. You’ve seen it all. You know what you like, you know what’s a good time, and you stick with it. And everyone respects that about you.


2. Skrillex. You feel like the new kid on the block but people hate you because you’re already doing something cool and different. You used to listen to punk or metal in your teenage years, but now you like some thoughtfulness to go along with your aggression.


3. Deadmau5. You’re fiery and short-tempered (just like Mick). You know what’s good, and you don’t like anyone telling you different.


6. Tiesto. Things come easy to you and you don’t know why. People are jealous of how little you try and how easy it seems for you to succeed. Some people accuse you of playing it safe, but you can’t get to this level of success without doing something right.


7. Kaskade. You like to zig when everyone else zags. You like to put on headphones and EDM at work, where you create a little world for yourself. You don’t care about the party, you care about having a good time.


8. Swedish House Mafia. Nothing is more important to you than having a good time with your friends. You put your crew first. Sure, you bicker and fight a lot, but that’s only because you know each other so well.


9. Daft Punk. You mostly listen to the radio. And, when you’re at the club you like to hear the songs that played on your drive. You don’t go looking for new things, but you know how to have fun when hear a good jam.


10. The National. You don’t know what EDM is. That’s okay. But you should really check out all those awesome names above.


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