The Top Weirdest Instruments In EDM


When it comes to EDM, artists aren’t afraid to play with new toys or throw something random into the mix. In EDM, you’ll find instruments you won’t find in any other music scene. Here are the eight top weirdest instruments in EDM.

1. Tenori-on. Designed and created in Japan, the Tenori-on uses LED switches and dials to create sounds and beats.


2. Theremin. The king of retro sci-fi, the theremin is the only instrument that’s played by not touching it, making sound by how you hold your hands around it’s antennae.


3. Laser Harp. This sounds like a joke from the 60s about what kind of instrument would we be playing in the future. But just like it the name suggests, a laser harp sounds like a harp but you break laser beams instead of plucking strings.


4. Reactable. It might look like a board game, but the Reactable is one way touch screens are changing instruments. This is a multi-touch synthesizer and while it’s a bit bulky to bring to a club, there’s now a mobile version.


5. Stylophone. Imagine a tiny little keyboard that you play with a stylus, and you get the stylophone. While not very popular with most musicians, it’s been around since the late ’60s and has been used used by the likes of David Bowie and Kraftwerk.


6. Game Boy. Whoever thought a game system would be used as an instrument? But hacking the Game Boy proves that lo-fi electronic sounds and portability can make some awesome beats. Chiptune is forever in its debt.


7. Eigenharp. The Eigenharp looks like a bassoon or a sitar, but it’s basically a controller with a sequencer and percussion.


8. Vocoder. The original Auto-Tune, the vocoder has always been a popular way for electronic musicians to play their vocals like an instrument and sound like a robot.


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