5 Things You Don’t Want To Bring Back From Vacation


Wonderful things can happen to you when you’re on vacation. You meet amazing people, catch a few rays, and pick up some souvenirs. But there are some things that are best left where you found them. Here are 5 things you do not want to bring back from vacation.

1. Bed bugs. Ugh, these things are gross! If you end up staying at a hostel or shady motel, make sure to check your sheets. Like the worst house guests, once these pests hop a ride, it can be hard to get rid of them.


2. Illness. That all you can eat buffet might be nice, but it’s not uncommon to fill up on badly prepared food or microbe-laced drinking water where you shouldn’t. Unless you want to spend your time at home in bed, make sure to pay attention to what you’re downing.


3. Guests. Who is that person, and why are they staying on your couch? Vacations are great for flings, but remember to leave your prize on the beach where you found it.


4. Local plants or animals. I know that little turtle or mouse is adorable, but it’s best to leave the little guy where you found him. Bringing home something foreign can throw a whole ecosystem out of whack. Someone once brought a rabbit to Australia, and they were quickly overrun with them. One little pet might not seem like much, until you quickly have a million.


5. Sun burn. If you’re heading to Mexico or anywhere close to the equator, the sun is more likely to burn than it is back home. Just because you’re on vacation, doesn’t mean you can take a vacation from protecting your skin. Unless you want to look like a lobster when you get back, make sure to apply plenty of SPF.


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