8 Great DJ Gift Ideas


You’ve got a DJ on your ‘nice’ list this year. So, what do you get for someone who can beat match ‘has it all’? Here are 8 great DJ gift ideas that will work for any budget. 

1. Record Bag
Does your favourite DJ spin vinyl? Those stacks can be tough to lug. Get him / her something to take those records on the road, and from show to show.


2. Rdio
While vinyl is still popular, most of the crate digging today happens online. Get your favourite DJ a subscription for Rdio, one of the biggest streaming libraries online. This way, you don’t have to go worrying if they dig the album you bought — or not. You just buy every album!


3. Clothes
You want your favourite DJ to play the part. And in order to play the part, you have to look the part. Get the up-and-coming DJs on your list a cool T-shirt.


4. Portable Speakers
For a passionate DJ, there’s no such thing as off the clock. Whether it’s hanging around at home or spending a day at the park… they be constantly selecting. Why not give them the chance to play their fave beats anywhere?


5. Headphones
Whether they’re mixing or digging for new sounds, the DJ on your list will want to be plugged in. Get them a new set of headphones — and make them the best.  How about the K81 DJ supra-aural, closed-back DJ headphones from AKG  or the Panasonic HDJ 2000 Professional DJ headphones?


6. Portable hard drive
Does your DJ friend pack rat all their latest musical discoveries on their hard drive? Get them one that’s big and portable, so they will never have to leave home without it.


7. Console
Do you want to go all out this Xmas? Then get them the cream of the console crop? Splurge for the Pioneer XDJ-R1. It’s a console that includes CDs, USB hookup, wireless iPad control, and all the bells and whistles.


8. Record Brush
Are you looking for something small and on a budget? Maybe you just want a stocking stuffer or a friendly little token of appreciation. Get your DJ a record brush. If they’re spinning vinyl, it’s a great way to keep those beats sounding fresh and clean.


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