Are You Tourist Or Traveler?


If you’re headed south of the border, you’re obviously willing to shake things up and leave the homestead behind. But there’s two very distinct kinds of people who end up in a place like Playa del Carmen. How do you roll when you’re on the road? Are you a tourist or traveler?


1. A tourist sees in life what others have only seen in pictures. The Eiffel Tower, The Great Wall, The Taj Mahal, Chichén Itzá… you can look up any of these places online, but you don’t know them until you’ve been there.


2. You get your memories from a souvenir shop. Like notches on a bedpost, the souvenir shop shows you’ve crossed that place off your list.


3. A tourist is relaxed. You don’t have an itinerary you have to meet. A tourist knows there are no deadlines on vacation. You just want some place warm and beautiful to put your feet up.


4. You don’t usually have to travel far to find to find some great nightlife and happening bars.


5. You only have two places you have to be. On the plane on the way in, and on the plane on the way out. Everything else in between is you time.



1. If you’re a traveler, the easy road is best left untraveled. You like to take your future in your own hands.


2. Why go see the monuments and landmarks when you can just Google those places? You want to see what is otherwise unseen.


3. You want to get off the beaten path, and get an idea of what it’s like to live in a place. Resorts seem boring to you, and you’d prefer to risk life and limb if it means getting to soak in a gorgeous view.


4. You want to be surprised and are open to all things new. A different country is like a different world… no matter how weird.


5. You crave experience over comfort.


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