Grand Benders Bar Basics: 7 Bottles Every Bar Should Have


With winter creeping ever closer it’s quickly turning from cabin season to cabin fever season. The key to the beating the winter blues is to move the party from the patio to the living room. So now is the perfect time to get your bar in order. These are 7 bottles every bar should have.

7. Scotch

Scotch can be intimidating. The list of scotches is longer than a list of house sub-genres. It’s tempting to try new things, but a bottle of bad scotch will sit untouched for ages.

The go to: Johnnie Walker

6. Bourbon

This American whiskey is great for keeping you warm on those long winter nights. It’s also handy for a making a hot toddy when you feel a cold coming on.

The go to: Wild Turkey

5. Tequila

It’s not a party without tequila. Make sure you have lots of shot glasses, lemon wedges and salt shaker at the ready. This is also a must when you make margaritas.

To go to: Sauza

4. Gin

There are some basic drinks you should be able to make at any party. A screwdriver and gin and tonic are chief among them. It also a good companion for hot apple cider.

The go to: Bombay Sapphire

3. Vermouth

Since you have gin anyway, keep a bottle of vermouth on hand just in case someone fancies a Martini.

To go to: Noilly Prat

2. Rum

Rum and coke is a staple. It’s classy without being pretentious. And if it’s patio season, you’ll definitely want a Mojito.

To go to: Bacardi

1. Vodka

The Russians know cold but they’ve given us something that goes well any time of year. It’s also the main ingredient for a huge variety of awesome drinks from a simple Vodka Tonic to a Sex on the Beach. Vodka is always ready to party when you are.

The go to: Smirnoff

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