Grand Benders Guide To Being The Life Of The Party This Holiday Season


‘Tis the season for eggnog, fruitcake and ugly Christmas sweaters. ‘Tis also the season for holiday parties. For a Grand Bender, this is the time of year when you want your name to be on everyone’s lips. You can get there, too, by following our guide to being the life of the party.

12. Don’t get there first. Fashionably late is a bit of cliché, but you want to make sure the other guests have had a drink or two and are ready for the party you’re bringing.


11. Get your Christmas sweater locked down. Everyone will have one. Yours has to be the best.


10. Announce your arrival. You need to let people know that the party just showed up.


9. Bake some snacks. Show everyone how talented and thoughtful you are! Just remember, you can’t make friends with a salad. So leave the kale chips for the New Year.


8. Know a few drink recipes, and blow away your friend with your mixology skills.


7. Bring extra booze. Share! Offer! Be the Santa, not the Scrooge.


6. Tunes. If no one is moving, ask the host if you can step behind the decks. This can be risky. But if it gets people twerking, everyone will thank you.


5. Everyone is your friend. Greet them as soon as you show up. Don’t wait for introductions. You want everyone’s first thought of you to be “Who is THAT?”


4. Talk to everyone. Let it linger if it’s good. But don’t be afraid to ditch a boring conversation if there’s someone you haven’t talked to yet. Just have more to say than “WOO!”


3. At the end of the night, help with a bit of cleanup. Throw out some garbage, or take some dishes back to the kitchen.


2. Know when to bounce. Don’t overstay your welcome.


1. Thank the host. Always thank the host on your way out and let them know you had a great time.


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