He’s Back! Mitt Romney Documentary Debuts on Netflix

Romney alone

Mick’s favourite almost-president and Grand Bend’s most famous vacationer, Mitt Romney, has been laying low for the last few years ever since he lost the American presidential race. That is until now, because Mitt Romney just got himself a documentary.

The new Mitt Romney documentary, simply called MITT, went behind the scenes of a crazy presidential campaign to catch the candid side of the slick haired conservative.

While most of what you see during those campaigns is polished and smooth, this movie shows Romney without the spit and polish. He picks up garbage, he sleeps on cramped buses, and plays around in the snow.

Director Greg Whiteley (New York Doll, Resolved) traveled alongside the campaign through interactions with potential voters, preparations for the debates, personal moments with his family and concluding with final presidential election night results.


In the documentary, Mitt’s family talks about him being a loser. You get to see the flip side of what a political campaign is like. And no surprise, it’s mostly smoke and mirrors.

The new film captures the side of what this guy was all about. It’s also a look into how a real person handles the stress of televised debates. He even talks about losing. How often do you hear anyone talk about that?


During the campaign, Mitt was called out of touch, and a ‘rich boy’. We don’t know about the first point. But the second… Well, ironing your tuxedo while you wear it isn’t exactly something a normal person would do. Plus, vacationing in Grand Bend’s gorgeous and tony Beach O’ Pines isn’t going to make anyone think you’re a working class stiff.


After the campaign, Mitt did an interview with Jay Leno and said he’s done with politics. The whole family says it’s a messy, ugly affair, and they’d never want to go through something like that again.  As his son says, “The country may think of you as a laughing stock and we’ll know the truth, and that’s okay.”

Mick and Mitt may not have got their wish to see Romney on the world stage, but at least now we can take a peak behind the curtain. Catch MITT, the Mick Romney documentary now playing on Netflix.


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