6 Crazy Things To Do Before Summer Ends

end of summer

It’s getting a few degrees, cooler, the sun is setting a bit earlier, and Labour Day long weekend is rearing its head. You can feel it; summer is almost over. But let’s not get wistful and sentimental. Let’s send the  Summer of 2013 out with a blast. Here’s 6 crazy things to do before summer ends!

1. Kegger. There’s one thing that acts like a vortex bringing everyone out of the woodwork to get their party on: a giant, frothing, no-holds-barred kegger (or it’s nearest liquor filled equivalent). A keg is the centre of gravity for a party. People can’t turn away. And if you’re the one with keg, that makes you the king of this castle.


2. Pub crawl. You know all those places you meant to check off your list by the end of summer? Why not cross them all off in one night? Get a crew, make a plan, and go bar hopping until you need to crawl into a cab.


3. Kiteboarding. You’ve been lounging on the beach all summer working on your tan. You need a story once summer’s done though, right? Hit the board, hit the skies, and get an adrenaline high while there’s still time.


4. Don’t sleep. You’ve got the last long weekend of the summer staring you in the face. What are you going to do, sleep it away? Catch up on Mad Men? No, no, no! This is your last chance to go hard before the leaves start changing and the beach clears out. Make the most of it.


5. Soak it in. Take an afternoon to drive the Grand Bend strip, hit the beach, go for a swim, and soak up that last little bit of sun. It’s summer’s last call, so take a minute to stop and smell the roses.


6. Go hard. You’ve spent the summer to find that perfect DJ and that perfect dance floor. Now’s the time to make the most of your research. Set up early, go hard, and go late.


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