Are Summer Flings A Good Idea? We Think So!


What’s one of the things that summer is most known and loved for? Sun? Yeah, there’s that. Hanging out with friends? Yeah, that’s definitely true. Flings? Bingo! But are summer flings a good idea? We think so! Are here are six reasons why…

6. Confidence and Self Esteem – Whether it’s a bad breakup or a tough time at work or school, your confidence and self esteem are battered throughout the year. A summer pick-up can also be a pick–me-up.


5. Good Memories – Nothing lasts forever, and not everything HAS to last forever. Come in, create some good memories for each other, and bounce. We’ll call this The Littlest Hobo approach to dating. Just remember to apply campsite rules: always leave it better than you found it.

4. Place and Time – A fling is a great way to celebrate an awesome time at an awesome place. So whenever you think back on that time or place, you’ll have a giant grin on your face.


3. Sunburns – You have to protect yourself from the sun, and there are some places you just can’t reach on your own.


2. The Buddy System – You can’t go canoeing alone and you can’t fully enjoy an ice cream cone all by yourself. You can do anything you like even if your pals aren’t into it — if you’ve got a companion.


1. Celebrate The Body – By the time swimsuit season has rolled around, you’ve lost those extra pounds you put on during winter hibernation. Plus you’re getting out and being active. The body is a temple, and ‘tis the season for worship.


Photos by Ivan Otis 

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