The Best Places to Camp in Grand Bend


When you go on summer vacation, you don’t want to stay in a penthouse. This is Canada. You  want fresh air, campfires, and the great outdoors. Luckily, Grand Bend has some amazing spots to get you off the beaten path and into Mother Nature. Here are the best places to camp in Grand Bend.

1. Not ready to go full-on wilderness? Birch Bark Tent & Trailer Park is like staying in a hotel room in the middle of the woods. It has the benefit of electricity, internet, a deck and a BBQ in case you have that think “roughing it” means going without cable.


2. Is something family-friendly more your speed? Rus-Ton Family Campground has trailers and quaint little rustic cabins. Plus there are volleyball and basketball courts and three heated salt water pools.


3. Speaking of speed, if you’re looking for something really different, you can camp at the Grand Bend Motorplex. With a weekend pass, you’re steps from the action either in a trackside motor home or at one of the 400 on-site campsites. This is perfect for gear heads who prefer the cars to the stars.


4. But the real show is at The Pinery. A Provincial Park with three distinct campgrounds and right on the lake, The Pinery is camping as it’s meant to be.


5. Riverside Campground is the largest campground in Grand Bend, right on the Old Ausable River but furthest from the beach. There are electrical hookups, but otherwise you’re under the stars. It’s also the only campground open all year round.


6. Burley Campground is more secluded, and it’s right next to the beach. It’s a prime party zone for you and your pals.


7. Dunes Campground allows trailers as well as those of us that prefer accommodations that come in a bag. It’s right next to the amphitheatre if you’re looking for some on-site entertainment and it’s a short stroll to the beach.


8. The Pinery also has hiking trails, biking, canoeing, fishing, and loads more. If you’re the outdoors type looking to get off this grid, this is the place you want to be.


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