How to Improve Your Beach Pick Up Game


Grand Bend is a pick up paradise. And there’s a lot of guys out there swinging and missing. How do you stand out from the crowd? This is how to improve your beach pick up game.

Testing The Waters: A girl on her own wants to stay that way. A girl with a gang is more likely be social and up for meeting people.


Wind In The Sails: Once you get past “what’s your name” you better have to have something to say. The weather, the water, windsurfing… it doesn’t matter. Conversation is like volleyball. If she returns your serve, she’s into having a game. If she ignores your volley or swats it away, she’s not into playing with you.


When The Wind Stalls: So she swatted away your volley by giving you the stink-eye and one-word answers. Be respectful and take the rejection like a gentleman. Because she has friends with her, right? If you lock horns with her, you come to a dead end with the whole crew.


Compliments: If she’s hot, she knows it and probably gets told that all the time. You want to stand out from the crowd, don’t you? Don’t tell her she’s hot, tell her she’s beautiful. Beautiful means you can see more than just skin deep.


Make The First Move: No matter how much of a show you’re putting on, it’s expected that you’re going to make the first move. But be on the look out for flirty eye contact. That’s her way of extending an invitation.


Befriend Other Men: You want to limit any potential conflict, and maybe that dude is her boyfriend. Plus if they like you, they may just lead you to the girl in the group that’s looking for an ace just like you.


Know When To Fold ‘Em: Don’t overstay your welcome. If it’s not working out, forcing it is a quick trip to the “don’t” pile. Knowing when to make a good exit keeps you in the “maybe” pile, a good position to be in when Round 2 comes later that night at the club.


Rule #1: Most importantly, be sincere. Girls can smell a huckster a mile a way, and when they do, they circle the wagons.


Photos by Ivan Otis 

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