How to Spend the Civic Holiday Long Weekend in Grand Bend


It’s the Civic Holiday long weekend! And the perfect time to get involved and engaged with others in the Grand Bend community. 

Sure, this weekend is called something different depending on where you’re from (it has more than a dozen names in Ontario). But, the point is to do your civic duty and get involved in your community. How do you do that?

1. Join a league! Grand Bend has some great baseball diamonds. Get a team together and hit those balls around! Or, for a quick feeling of togetherness there’s Sam’s Playing Field on Main Street. It’s where our crew goes to unwind and build camaraderie.


2. Volunteer! You could pitch in at the Grand Bend Optimist Youth Centre. There’s drop-in basketball every Sunday! You can play a few rounds of HORSE with the local kids, can’t you?


3. Or find another way to volunteer. At the very least I’m sure those bar backs could use a hand.


4. Fundraising! Why not raise a bit of dough for a needy charity? If you can’t find something that’s organized, you can always take cash for your feats of strength and pass those dollars on to those who need it.


5. Or get an early start on your Movember ‘stache.


6. Educate your friends! Explain to all your party mates how the parliamentary system works. They’ll love it!


7. Pick up some trash! Don’t leave that gutter cluttered.


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