Renting a Cottage. 10 Things You Should Know


No one comes to Grand Bend just for a day. And unless you plan on passing out in the street, you need to figure out where you’re crashing at the end of the night. If you don’t like camping, the next obvious choice is renting a cottage. Here are the top 10 things you should know before you rent a cottage.

10. Location, location, location. If you’re going to spend your time at the beach, it doesn’t make sense to get a place across town.


9. Are the owners local? They can give you the inside track of what to hit and what to miss.


8. How close are you to other cottages? Do you want to be where the party is, or do you want a fortress of solitude?


7. Is it kid-friendly? It’s harder to keep the party going if there are rug rats next door.


6. What’s the deal with food? Are you planning on eating out the whole trip, or are you looking to cook? If you’re hung over, you might be able to order from the front desk instead of calling out for a pizza.


5. What does it come with? If it rains and you’re stuck inside, is there Internet, cable, or a DVD player? Or are you going to be staring at the wall until the sun comes out?


4. If you’re looking for a lazy morning, is there a deck or a hammock to put your feet up?


3. Is there a cleaning service, or do you need to find a laundromat for that lone bathing suit you brought?


2. Book in advance. Long weekends are especially busy, so call in your dibs months in advance.


1. When’s checkout? Remember, at some point you have to leave.


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