The Top 10 Things to Bring Camping


No one comes to Grand Bend just for a day. And where better to crash at the end of the night than in the great outdoors? Of course if you’re camping out, you better come equipped. Here are the top 10 things to bring camping.

10. Pets. Unlike at a cottage, your four-legged friends are more than welcome.


9. Tunes. There are no DJs in the woods. Which means it’s a perfect opportunity for you to pick up the slack.


8. Booze. There’s no better after party than one that’s three feet away from where you need to crash.


7. Meat. You need grub and there’s an open flame. Do like your ancestors did and throw a dead animal on that sucker. (Hot dogs count, right?)


6. Toilet paper. Who knows what old newspapers are left for bum wipes in that rickety washroom. Always be prepared.


5. First aid kit. Just in case it’s a little more serious than “kiss it better.”


4. Face paint. You’re in the wilderness. You’re off the grid. Get in touch with your inner animal and go tribal.


3. Bug spray. Unless you want to be slapping yourself all night, you have to douse those tender areas with some bug-b-gone. Have you see how big the bugs are in Canada?


2. Trash bags. You came, you partied, you left no trace. That’s how to do it right.


1. Bathing suit. In case you’re hitting the beach or there’s a lagoon nearby. When you’re out in the wild, you can live in it all weekend. It’s like spending the weekend in a bathrobe. A sexy, sexy bathrobe.


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