Throw the Wildest End of Summer Bash Ever!

summer bash

You want to end the summer with a bang, but you’ve always been the party goer, not the party thrower? Want to make a splash and send out the season with you friends chanting your name, but need some help? This is how to throw the wildest end of summer bash.

Location, Location, Location – You’re not going to fence people into a little concrete, sun-baked backyard, are you? Give the people room to breathe and room to mingle. Some shady areas, some places to lounge or go for a smoke. A great party has different spaces for different kinds of people.


Kegs – BYOB is for dinner parties. This is a rager, isn’t it? You need kegs. Nothing else will do. And make sure you get enough, ‘cause if the suds run dry, the party sobers up real quick.


Cups – The details matter, and it just isn’t a party without the iconic red cups.


DJ – Don’t let you little cousin shuffle through ten year old Top 40 on his iTunes. If you want people bumping, you need someone that knows their Detroit house from their Chicago house. Don’t skimp on the tunes. It’s the lifeblood of the party.


Food – If people are drinking without any food to soak it up, they’ll be leaving to hit the nearest takeout before midnight hits.


Deck the Halls – You went top-shelf on the DJ, the kegs and the food, and you found a primo locale. Now you have to dress it up. Pick a theme, get some lasers, a smoke machine, or bubble blower. The more you put in the party, the more your guests get out.


The Icing on the Cake – What makes a great party the best party? It’s the extra touches. A bikini content, some special swag, dancers in giant bear costumes… test the limits of your imagination and you’ll be rewarded with adoration from your happy guests.


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