Where is Grand Benders Filmed? Now, That’s a Good Question!

Grand Benders Photo Shoot

So you tuned into Grand Benders. You’ve seen the antics. You’ve seen the bar. You’ve seen the people. But still you want to know… where is this place? Believe it or not, Cocos is a real place in a real town. So where is Grand Benders filmed? Now, that’s a good question!

1. Grand Benders is shot in Grand Bend, Ontario. It’s a little beach town on Lake Huron. So it’s Canadian, which means the drinking doesn’t stop and Spring Break lasts as long as it’s nice out.


2. Cocos might look like another world away,  but it’s been firmly rooted on the main strip of Grand Bend for 25 years. With most of Grand Benders filmed on site at Cocos, the crew has to stay up very late.


3. Cocos is a bar, a restaurant, a nightclub and a hotel. You can room upstairs. Eat a quiet lunch on the main floor. And, come back at night to party. There are regular line-ups because Mick makes sure there’s a good mix of House and other EDM to keep the dance floor moving.


4. The main strip of Grand Bend is like a catwalk. Tourists, travellers and visitors walk up and down the strip being social… shopping, dining, drinking and hanging out. When the weather is nice, the sidewalks are bursting.


5. Grand Bend is most famous for it’s beaches. Grand Bend is home to two Blue Flag beaches, the international label for clean and awesome beaches. The Main Beach, just off Main Street, collects the most sun revellers. So, it’s what you see on the days when Grand Benders is filming at the beach.


6. Beach O’ Pines is the swankiest part of Grand Bend. Home to the rich and the famous, it’s an exclusive and tony neighbourhood, right on the beachfront. Beach O’ Pines’ most recognizable name is former US Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.


7. Grand Bend is also home to the gorgeous Pinery Provincial Park, a nature reserve of over 6,000 acres, with camping to boot.


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