Your Guide To A Perfect Grand Benders Day!


We know that many of you will be heading to Grand Bend for the weekend.

Before you set out, we’d like to show you what a perfect GRAND BENDERS day is like.

Whether you plan to stay one day — or the entire weekend — follow our guide. We guarantee you the best time, ever!

1. Wake-up!

2. Take a shower.

Grand Benders Day Shower

3. Eat a healthy breakfast.

Grand Benders Day Breakfast

4. Brush your teeth.

Grand Benders Day Brush Your Teeth

5. Suit up!

Grand Benders Day Brush Suit Up!

6. Pack the car. But not too full!

Grand Benders Day Pack The Car

7. Drive to Grand Bend.

Grand Benders Day Drive To Grand Bend

8. Hit the beach.

Grand Benders Day Hit The Beach

9. Make sure you bring your protection.

Grand Benders Day Protection

10. And don’t forget to wear a hat!


11. Take a walk to Pinery Park with your BFF.

Grand Benders Day Pinery Park

12. Then stop by Coco’s to get your chest signed by the Polish plumber.

Grand Benders Day Coco's Polish Plumber

13. Enjoy a bottle shot from the bar while you’re at it!

Grand Benders Day Coco's Bottle Shot

14. Make like it’s the 70’s all over again.

Grand Benders Day Make Like It's The 70's

15. While listening to some of hippest DJs around.

Grand Benders Day Hip DJs

15. Call it a night with new Grand Bend friends.

Grand Benders Day Grand Bend Friends

15. Before heading over to Shady Lane for a well deserved rest.

Grand Benders Day Shady Lane

16. Wake-up and do it all over again.

Grand Bend Beach, Beach Sign


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