Grand Benders Season 2 Episode 1 Summary


Grand Benders Season 2 Episode 1

Summer’s here!

The July 1st long weekend is the unofficial start of party season, and can set the tone for the entire year at Coco’s.

Mickey and Justin Rappaport – father and son nightclub owners, DJs, and perpetual teenagers – are getting ready to celebrate the club’s 25th anniversary. But since last summer they’ve lost some key staff, and once again they have to improvise.

After 25 years, the nightclub business hasn’t gotten any easier. Mickey says he’s not the sentimental type, but clearly the club’s longevity means a lot to him.

What would mean even more is if Justin finally stepped up and proved he could run the place on his own. But Justin isn’t showing any signs of being ready to lead. And when the ice machine breaks down at a crucial moment, it’s Mickey who has to step in and look for a solution.

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