Grand Benders Season 3, Episode 1 Recap


Grand Benders Season 3 opens with the Rapaport family — Mickey, Nancy, Justin and Justin’s girlfriend Amelia — returning to a cold and rainy Grand Bend welcome.

Two days back and already things are not looking good for the upcoming May 2-4 weekend.

Mick pulls out a Farmer’s Almanac and scoffs at a headline which says this is the year “when the sun takes a vacation.” A good weather report online convinces Mick to put the almanac away. “The old farmers are lying,” he says smugly.


The staff are slow and sluggish, trying to get back into the flow. Mick is happy to leave Justin in charge while he surfs the web for weather reports. Justin complains that Mick is “supervising” from the comfort of his chair. Has Mick checked out? Or he is merely giving Justin enough rope to hang himself? Knowing Mick, it could well be the latter.

Amelia, meanwhile, is helping Nancy with May 2-4 preparations. She appears to be her usual cheery self and brings everyone a cold beer while Mick grouses about the cold weather.


As the staff get ready to open the club, Patrick the old door shark shows up. Natalie, who now manages Shady Lane Cottages with her boyfriend Bill, says the cabins are full of partiers waiting for the weekend to start.

But something is not right.

While the other clubs in Grand Bend have lineups, the dance floor at Cocos is empty. It’s a strange and weirdly desolate feeling. The staff is, by turns, bored and confused. Mick shrugs it off, saying it’ll pick up tomorrow.


The next day, tensions mount as Justin is on his own once again. Justin admits it was a depressing start to the weekend. Nancy blames the weather.

Meanwhile Laura and Patrick hit the streets, hustling people with $20 tickets and a guarantee to pass the line up at the door. They’re scoffed at by the penny-pinching party crowd, and don’t sell a single ticket. Gables’ cover charge is only $10. Maybe a lower cover will help? Justin admits to be squeezed once again between Mick and Nancy who are fighting over whether or not to keep the cover charge where it is — or lower it.

What’s going on?

Patrick says he hasn’t seen a night at Cocos that wasn’t packed in 8 years. “If you don’t make it on May 2-4 weekend,” say Mick, “forget it. You’re not going to make it.”


With Friday and Saturday night a dud and Sunday no better, the family decides to open Cocos for Victoria Day Monday. With the sun finally out, the patio is busier than expected, and Cocos ends up being understaffed. Even Mick and Nancy have to pitch in. At the end the day, Justin says he’s cautiously optimistic about business for the summer. Mick calls the weekend a bust.

As another storm rolls in, Mick picks up the Farmer’s Almanac. It’s not looking good. The prediction — cool, rainy weather ahead.

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