Grand Benders Season 3 Episode 2 Recap


When we last left ‘The Benders’, the long-weekend was a bust and the prediction was for more storm clouds on the horizon. As Grand Benders Season 3 Episode 2 opens, the only thing on everyone’s mind is ‘Will this rain ever let up?’

As a summer tourist destination, Grand Bend lives and dies by the weather. But at the start of the season even the main strip is empty.

High Kick elevates the mood, moving into one of the cottages at Shady Lanes where his personal bar is always open.


Over at Cocos, Justin turns the upstairs hotel into a hostel for his staff. At least he’s pulling in steady money instead of sitting on a bunch of empty rooms. He goes easy on the hotel rules in order to keep the staff happy, but figures there’s an advantage to having them live there — at least they won’t be late for work.

Back at Shady Lanes, Hick Kick’s energy is causing a problem for Natalie, and she has to tell him to take it down a notch. Does High Kick know when to say when?

Meanwhile, it’s still cold and rainy. Cocos is overstaffed and eerily quiet.


Mick has Amelia send some of the wait staff home. Those who don’t get let go stick around for the night where they have the dance floor to themselves.

The next day Alix and Shayna, two servers who are living upstairs, wake up to Mitt knocking on their door. Their shift is about to start.

High Kick tries to get a beach party going, while Mick puts Princess Coco, Cocos’ bunny mascot, at the front desk to help pull passing families into the restaurant.

High winds kill High Kick’s beach party plans. Mick’s nerves are frayed, and Nancy admits the weather is hurting them.


Everyone is in a bad mood. Laura, the door shark, decides she can’t take any more and calls it quits.

It’s time for desperate measures, and Mick pulls out a tried and true weapon — sex. He decides to host a bunny-themed burlesque night, giving a lei to everyone that comes through the door.

The female staff get dressed up in their most revealing clothes, but still the crowds don’t show up.


“Even sex isn’t selling. What the fuck is going on?” says Justin.

As a last resort, Mick drops the cover charge at the door. Everything is dead.

And then it starts raining.


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