Grand Benders Season 3 Episode 3 Recap


As Grand Benders Season 3, Episode 3 opens, we find Mick using black magic (and a lot of smoking incense) to rid Cocos of the bad spirits that are haunting both the business and the town. The weather is stressing Mick out, and he’s starting to get on everyone’s nerves. Nancy is worried that if people haven’t yet come to Grand Bend, they might just stay home for the rest of the season.

Mick is losing it. His temper spirals out of control. He’s yelling and scaring the staff.

Justin and Nancy think Mick is going off the deep end. So, they decide to send him away for a day.

But just as he’s about to leave for Toronto and the Digital Dreams Music Festival, the dishwasher breaks down and water starts seeping over the kitchen floor. This puts Mick in an even worse mood.


Everyone is worried that the plumbing problems will keep Mick at Cocos… something no one wants.

Luckily, Justin is able to convince Mick he has everything under control, and Mick heads off to Digital Dreams.

With his all-access pass, Mick gets up close and personal with the DJs as well as the organizer of the event. His mind starts working in that old Mick way… and before long he has a new idea for promoting Cocos.


When Mick gets home, the weather has brightened and so has his mood. Inspired by the scene at Digital Dreams, he decides to throw a neon/glow-in-the-dark party.

Mick hires a painter to airbrush fluorescent colours on customers so they’ll glow under the club’s black lights.


He also enlists Shayna and Alix (The ‘Barn Cats’) to try their hand as staff DJs. Mick thinks no one will notice their lack of turntable skills so long as they look good and play the part. He send them off with a turntable, a CD, and a warning not to touch the dials.

The neon party pulls in the crowds, and Cocos has its first lineup of the season.

Amelia is late getting ready, so Justin has to keep the door closed, turning away the first few customers.

The ‘Barn Cats’ get to spin a few tracks while the DJ working the dance floor takes a break. They accidentally shut off the music at one point. Justin isn’t pleased.


Despite the hiccups, the neon party is a huge hit. The bar is packed like old times and the staff agrees it might be the best Cocos party ever.

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