Grand Benders Season 3 Episode 4 Recap


Amelia hasn’t been to the beach yet this summer. She needs an escape from work, so she’s having a girls-only parasailing adventure with her friend Brittnee as Grand Benders Season 3, Episode 4 opens. Justin is very grumpy for not being invited. Amelia tells him to go back to bed.

The summer is more tense than usual, Amelia says. She just sets foot back on land when she immediately gets a text from Justin saying she’s needed back at work. When she does get back to Cocos, the vibe is very tense and awkward. What’s going on with Justin and Amelia?


Nancy comes up the idea to have a six-pack ab competition instead of last year’s bikini contest, hoping the hard bodies that have finally filled the beach will draw a crowd.

Is Justin becoming Mick? He’s often grumbling and swearing at staff. He picks on one of the ‘Barncats’, Shayna, calling her stupid. Once she’s out of the kitchen, she vows to stay out until he calms down.


Amelia gets the e-ticket confirming her trip to Greece with some friends when the summer season is over. Justin isn’t invited.

Rick, the dad of Natalie’s boyfriend and the owner of Shady Lane, takes over the management of the cottages while Natalie pitches in at Cocos. Rick says he’s looking to sell the cottages.

Just as the six pack competition is about to start, the rain starts to fall again. The crowd heads for the dining room, which swamps the kitchen and frays everyone’s nerves. Justin is raging at the staff and swearing up a storm. Natalie says she’s ready for the summer to be over, and hopes Rick sells Shady Lane.


Mick cancels the six pack competition in favour of a unisex pole dancing competition inside. It turns out to be a pretty good night.

Mick knows that Cocos provides for the family’s livelihood, but he hasn’t thought about the future. Is there a time limit on Cocos? Will it keep going after Mick is gone?


Mick doesn’t know what the future holds for Justin or Amelia, and if it includes Cocos.

“You don’t know your destiny,” says Mick.

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