Grand Benders Season 3 Episode 5 Recap


“This year the coin landed on bad,” says Justin at the start of Grand Benders Season 3, Episode 5. The weather in Grand Bend has been bad and business is slower than slow. With only 14 days of the summer left, Mick says they’ll be eating cat food all winter… the dry kind.

Justin tells Mick he’s looked up Cocos on TripAdvisor, and they’re in last place. Mick isn’t happy. And he doesn’t like it that someone said the jerk chicken was dry.

To combat the bad reviews, the family decides to host a Mexican-themed party, hanging a piñata that says “luck.” Mexico has always been a lucky charm for the family.


Amelia says the party is a fun distraction. And it lets Justin get his mind off Amelia going to Greece without him. Will things change once they’ve had some time apart?

Mick brings in former lifeguard, DJ Juan, to spin for the party. It’s a rocky start. The sound system fails, and Patrick and Mick scramble to get everything  back on track.



Once he’s up and running, the DJ plays hard music — house and dubstep — to the dinner throng. The crowd isn’t into it, and eventually the patio clears.

Mick loses it, and tears a strip off Austen. “When it’s slow, he’s like a cornered animal,” says Justin.

Mick then boots DJ Juan. “No one wants to listen to dubstep when they’re eating a Caesar wrap,” says Justin.

“The Mexican lucky charm didn’t work out for us,” says Nancy.


There’s no blame, says Justin. “It was just an unlucky year for Grand Bend.”

Natalie is keeping Shady Lane Cottages open past Labour Day for extra bookings. She has a feeling Shady Lane isn’t going to sell at the end of the year. But she’s tired. She wants to run her own business, not someone else’s.

Justin and Natalie bond over a beer and walk. She knows it’s been a hard summer for him. As they walk around town, they find many businesses are already closed and a lot are for sale. What’s happening to Grand Bend?


“What if she doesn’t come back to Cocos?” Natalie asks Justin about Amelia. “I’m not really sure what I’ll do,” he says

Mick says he doesn’t believe in luck, only destiny. Then he smashes the “lucky” piñata.

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