Grand Benders Season 3 Episode 6 Recap


As we open on Grand Benders Season 3 Episode 6, the Rapaport family is unwinding in the Mexican resort town of Playa del Carmen. “Playa del Carmen is utopia,” say Mick. “It’s like Grand Bend on steroids.”

Mick starts checking the newspaper, looking for places for sale. Justin is on his own at the rental condo after being dumped by Amelia.

Amelia, meanwhile, is across town staying at the Hostel Che. Why she is there, no one knows. After vacationing in Greece, she’s come to Playa del Carmen with her friend Brittnee. The timing is bad. Playa is a small town and this is sure to get awkward.


“We know we’re going to run into each other,” says Amelia. “And we’re okay.” Could anything throw a monkey wrench into this beautiful vacation? Nervously, she admits, “drama.”

While Nancy likes the new South Beach-style condos in Playa del Carmen, Mick is attracted to a pyramid-shaped building by the beach that is covered by graffiti and surrounded by long grass. A fixer-upper you could say… Are Mick and Nancy seriously considering moving the business to Playa?


There’s no way Cocos would move to Mexico, says Justin. “I wish we could but we can’t. No sense even trying to dream of it, ’cause it’ll never happen.”

Patrick arrives in Playa to hang out with Justin and lift his spirits. He’s accompanied by family friends Mike D. and DJ Amy. Patrick’s not cool with Amelia coming to Playa so soon after splitting with Justin. “That’s a no-no,” he says. “It’s not that big of a place.”


Meanwhile, Mick and Nancy take a walk along Playa’s main commercial street, 5th Avenue. Mick stops to say hi to everyone he knows. And that’s a lot of  people!

Out of the blue, Mick and Nancy bump into Amelia and Brittnee. Amelia says hi, but Mick keeps walking. Amelia seems rattled but soon she and Brittnee are back on track and headed to the clubs.


Patrick and Justin decide to go hard tonight. “You have to party to unwind and get out of your head, sometimes,” says Patrick.

At the Blue Parrot Club, Nancy and Mick get a lot of compliments for being down with the EDM scene. It’s a fun party and even Justin finally perks up. But as fate would have it, Amelia turns up.

“Justin was not okay,” says Amelia. “It wasn’t easy… for either of us.”

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