Season 1: Episode 2 Trailer.

Grand Benders Season 1, Episode 2: storms

Music — “Jim Rockford Poprocks” by Lonnie Szoke

Competition is fierce at the hottest beach town around. Mick enrols Justin and Patrick to take out Cocos leaky boat, to fly their newly printed flag and do some publicity at the beach.


Watching over beach goers is handsome Mexican lifeguard Juan, also the resident DJ at Gables, the rival bar up the strip. Gables is Cocos’ main nemesis and hated by Mick.


Suddenly in late afternoon, storm clouds suddenly roll in. Beach goers leave the water in droves, leaving in panic up the main street.


We see our Mexican lifeguard running to rescue someone from the undertow. The bars compete for business but both are at the mercy of mother nature.

Weather is the life blood of Cocos’ family business. Today the forecast predicted a glorious day but nothing is ever assured in Grand Bend.

In the doorway, Mick watches the rain come down: “There goes my money- washing down the gutter.”


Justin closes down the kitchen — “We’re shuttin’ it down boys” — just as the power goes out. Mick, ever scheming for revenue, launches a plan to rig a generator to the DJ booth, so the club can remain open. Just as the boys launch into action, the power comically returns.

As the storm passes Coco’s quickly re-opens for the night.

Mick undercuts Gables’ cover charge then jacks it up when his place is full…just another day at Cocos.