Grand Bend Beach Bums.


One of the great things about Grand Bend is all the beach bums. No seriously. Spotting bums is like bird watching, and Grand Bend attracts all kinds. Let’s run down some of the bums of Grand Bend.

* Vacationing Bums – These bums have had a long year. They don’t really care what you think, they just need some r’n’r.

* Buddy Bums – Some bums know they look better as a team.

* Working Bums – These bums have their eye on the prize. Rest can wait. These bums are on the clock, kicking butt and taking names.

* Shopping Bums – Some bums are more interested in what they can find at the store than what they can find at the beach.

* Lifesaving Bums – They might looked like they’re chilling out, but they’re ready to jump into action at a moments notice.

* Sports Bums – Having fun and getting a workout go hand in hand for these bums. They look great and they’re having a good time too!

* Big Bums – Some bums need room to stretch their legs.

* Old Bums – Some bums have seen it all, and they aren’t done yet.

* Shy Bums – No every bum is an exhibitionist.

* Not Shy Bums – And some bums just want to get out and say hi to the world.

* Beach Bums – These bums are off the clock. It doesn’t matter what you say or what you need, they’re planted at the beach and they’re not moving until they absolutely have to. And even then…