Grand Bend Beach.

Music — “Dream Sequence” feat. Cristina Paoletta. Joe DeSimone/Sublevel Music.

The beach. For generations people have flocked there to rest, tan and hook-up.

Beach life is slower, hotter, and more carefree than the rest of the year — but it doesn’t last long.

While summertime lasts, the atmosphere is exhilarating, and action-filled. The sexual energy is palpable: only the thin layer of nylon in bikinis and bathing suits keep the shores from becoming a sexual free-for-all.

Near the Canada-US border, on the shores of Lake Huron, lies a classic beach town. A hot-spot destination for over 100 years, Grand Bend is also a legendary party place — one of the last of its kind.

Tens of thousands of vacationers travel there every weekend to get what they need: an escape from the city and their jobs, an escapade with friends, perhaps a romantic encounter.

Life’s a beach when live on ‘the bend’.