Grand Bend Motorplex.

Grand Bend Motorplex: Where the weekends are a drag!

And now, a special sneak peek of the drag racing action at the Grand Bend Motorplex as featured in GRAND BENDERS Season 1, Episode 3 — games.

The Grand Bend Motorplex is a high-performance, quarter-mile drag strip that hosts weekend racing throughout the summer.

It’s all action (plus a little romance) for our GRAND BENDERS cast as they visit the Grand Bend Motorplex, have some down time at the beach and take a sunset stroll.

But … we don’t want you to get the false idea that Episode 3 is a just a drag. So here’s an outline of what to expect:

Drag racing weekend at the local Motorplex: Mickey dons his 70’s shag wig and baseball cap in anticipation of the arriving race crowds. He parks his 1961 Studebaker (the Cocomobile) on the hill overlooking the drag strip stadium, for some free publicity.

Justin’s girlfriend Amelia finally has the day off, and heads to the beach with some girlfriends. Before they leave, manager Natalie pours them tequila shots — but, as usual, she holds down the fort (“You know I can’t leave the compound…my chain will break!”)

Patrick has a date with Kelia, his new Polish-Japanese love interest, to see the races — but he’s not sure she can make it to Grand Bend. He double-books another girl, to Mick’s amusement.

Will she show up and create melodrama for our ladies man? Will Kaila win his heart? As they watch the sunset together on the beach, Kelia begins to lure him to follow her to Korea, where she’s moving to teach English.

Catch the 2013 MOPAR NitroJam / JetJam this weekend, July 19 – 21, 2013, only at the Grand Bend Motorplex.

Watch full Season 1 episodes of GRAND BENDERS online at bmp:tv.

Music — “Another Day” by Ordain