Season 1: Episode 1 Trailer.

Grand Benders Season 1, Episode 1: chaos

Music — “Feb19 AM” by Lonnie Szoke

Cocos opens full time on Canada Day/4th of July long weekend.

The forecast is sunshine, and beach goers are ready to party after a long winter and full school year.

Gearing up for the crowds, Cocos is short-staffed: manager Natalie works the phone to scramble last-minute servers.


Cocos’ sexy resident DJ Amy is coming to town. She has a history with Cocos’ frontman/hustler Patrick, and tells us “he still adores me.”

As Patrick helps her unload equipment, Mickey takes his spin behind the turntables on the patio, pumping the volume — to the despair of some staff, but the delight of his partygoers.


Meanwhile, as the staff get to know each other new party girl/waitress Kayla is creating klutzy havoc wherever she goes. Her co-workers are not impressed.

She’s charming and loves the stripper pole on the dance floor, but can she take the pressure and keep her job?


If this is just the first day of summer will the new Cocos crew be able to survive three more months of this?