Meet the Benders.


Grand Benders returns May 15th for a second season of fun in the Canadian sun, just in time for the May 2-4 long weekend. Season 2 reunites the Rapaport family — Mickey, Nancy and Justin — owners of Coco’s, a one-of-a-kind hotel, nightclub, restaurant and bar located on the strip in Grand Bend, Ontario.

Meet the Benders: The Family

* Mick, The Dad — Mick (62) is Coco’s owner. He is a wily Polish-Jewish mastermind/trickster who oversees every decision at Coco’s and even works the DJ turntables on hot summer days. In the last decade, he discovered house music, and it changed his life. Mick, in his own eccentric ways, oversee the business — and the kids who work at his “nightclub summer camp school”.

* Nancy, The Boss — Wife Nancy holds her family together while managing Coco’s financial side. Protective mother hen to Coco’s female staff, she runs a tight business — with zero tolerance for misbehaving customers and staff ineptitude, and sometimes little patience for Mick’s practical jokes.

* Justin, The Son — Justin (26), apprentice to his father in all things management, runs the kitchen and bar orders. Funny, sarcastic, running on adrenaline and energy drinks, he does his best to weather the ups and down of business and his parents’ demands. But when Mick gets under his skin, situations have a way of becoming explosive.

Meet the Benders: The Staff

* Amelia, The Girlfriend — Amelia (23) is Justin’s pixieish girlfriend and one of Coco’s top bartenders. She bunks with her boyfriend/boss in one of the small hotel rooms upstairs. Smart and even-tempered, she knows enough to step aside when family conflict arises, usually escaping with girlfriends for some fun at the beach.

* Natalie, The Niece — Natalie (24) is Nancy’s niece. The former manager, she quit Coco’s after last summer. This year, she is helping out her boyfriend run Shady Lane, the rental cottages behind Coco’s — a staff hangout, and site of late-night shenanigans. Nat takes a leading role in drinking games and after-hours hilarity — but come daytime, she’s all business.

* Laura, The Shark — Laura is Coco’s new door ‘shark’ and according to Mick “a mysterious girl”. Super-confident and super-sexy this shark was born swimming. Does Mick have a new secret weapon? Or will The Shark head south when the mercury rockets past 100 degrees?

* High Kick, The Party Animal — High Kick is Coco’s newest bartender and a longtime friend of Coco’s owners and staff. Mick is skeptical about the new hire. Sure, everybody loves a guy who can touch his nose with his toes, but can he handle the Saturday night mayhem behind the bar?

* The Chad, The Bare Back Barback — Chad is the dim but awesomely buff Coco’s barback. A magnet for Grand Bend’s cougars, he is perpetually late and a lightening rod for Mick’s depression-era work ethic.


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