Grand Benders Theme Song.

Everyone loves the GRAND BENDERS theme song. But did you know it’s actually a remix of a classic song, “We’re Here For a Good Time (Not a Long Time)”, by legendary Canadian rock band Trooper?

This week the composers of that song — Ra McGuire and Brian Smith — were honoured by the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN) at a gala event in Ottawa.

Ra and Brian are original members of Trooper, which formed in Vancouver in 1975. Trooper’s 10 studio albums have earned multiple gold and platinum awards and their 6 X Platinum greatest hits, “Hot Shots”, continues to be one of Universal Music Canada’s best selling catalog CDs and one of the country’s most enduring party soundtracks.

Ra and Brian each received the SOCAN National Achievement Award for their songwriting and three SOCAN Classic Awards for the rock anthems “Raise a Little Hell,” “General Hand Grenade,” and “Janine.”

“I’m sincerely honoured to receive the SOCAN National Achievement Award – along with three more SOCAN Classic Awards – at this year’s gala,” said McGuire. “I thank SOCAN for recognizing and celebrating the importance of songs and the songwriters who created them.”

“I would like to thank SOCAN for this great honour,” Smith commented. “The National Achievement Award is a crowning jewel in my career to date.”

Four other Trooper songs have already received SOCAN Classic Awards (including GRAND BENDERS’ theme song “We’re Here For a Good Time”).

SOCAN is a national organization that represents millions of Canadian and international songwriters, music creators, and publishers.

Here’s a video of the Trooper boys doing “We’re Here For a Good Time” live at the PNE in Vancouver.