Meet The Barn Cats.


Grand Benders newest cast members — Alix and Shayna — are the purrrr-fect antidote to the sour mood hanging over Cocos when the weather turns bad. Nicknamed the ‘Barn Cats’ by Mick, this dynamic duo are up for anything, whether its dressing up in short shorts and cowboy hats, or getting behind the decks in the DJ booth.

Servers by day and prowling party girls by night, Alix and Shayna live upstairs above the nightclub at Cocos.

It’s a win-win situation for Cocos and for the party hardy pair. Alix says if she didn’t live upstairs from the place where she works, she would always be late. Still, some mornings it means waking up to Mick pounding at the door.


Most of the time, however, it’s about staying focused on the job and out of the way when Mick has one of his famous melt-downs. But we all know that Cocos is a crash course in flying by the seat of your pants. And the Barn Cats know there’s no time for basking in the sun when the heat’s on in the outdoor patio.

The Barn Cats love the EDM scene. And as everyone knows, if you love EDM, Cocos is the place to be in Grand Bend.

In one of his crazier schemes, Mick hands them a deck, a disc, and instructions not to touch the knobs.

But have you ever known a cat to listen? The two would-be DJs start getting creative with the dials and before you know it they are behind the mixer during the biggest party of the year. All seems to be going well until Shayna hits the wrong switch and the music dies. Luckily DJ Flash is there to put things right while the Barn Cats purr off into the night and another adventure.