Mickey Cocos.


What can we say about Mickey Cocos that hasn’t already been said?

That he’s energetic, gregarious, hardworking, self-reliant and tenacious?

Mickey Cocos is all those things and more.

The supreme overlord of Cocos, Mick is the mastermind behind the most famous bar on the Grand Bend strip. His motto of “work hard, play harder” is evident to anyone who knows him — and to anyone who has ever tried to work for him.

He is the king of the depression-era work ethic and heaven forbid that you should ever forget that.

Mick, in his own eccentric ways, oversees the Cocos business — and the kids who work there at his “summer camp nightclub school”.

But when the work is done, the partying starts. A big fan of EDM, Mick often works the DJ turntables at Cocos. He’s also been know to send wannabe DJs and their discs flying across the Cocos dance floor.

Mick, Mick, Mick, Mick, Mick…

For Father’s Day, here’s to Mick. Our favourite dad!