Season 2: Episode 2 Trailer.

Grand Benders Season 2, Episode 2: Good Help Is Hard To Find

Music — “Space” by Joe De Simone

Good help is hard to find, especially in a party town like Grand Bend.

Cocos has started its new season short a few servers and bartenders, and more importantly, without a greeter to stand outside and pull in the crowds. Mickey and Justin try putting just about everyone out front — from shy newbie David to dim but awesomely buff Chad — with little success.


Enter The Shark: a blonde, dreadlocked extravert who’ll say anything to anyone to get them through the door.


Meanwhile, Justin decides to try out local party animal High Kick behind the bar. Mickey is skeptical — there’s a reason Coco’s hasn’t had a male bartender in ten years: men just don’t get tips. And High Kick’s extracurricular hijinks don’t exactly inspire confidence. Sure, everybody loves a guy who can touch his nose with his toes, but can he handle the Saturday night mayhem behind the bar?

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