Season 2: Episode 4 Trailer.

Grand Benders Season 2, Episode 4: The Pow Wow

Music — “Nomatic” by Joe De Simone

Grand Bend is sizzling as the mercury rockets past 100 degrees. A pressure-cooker weekend at Cocos, and the perfect time to learn about family – good and bad.

Cloud and Reggie, two native cooks, take part of the day off to go to a Pow Wow on a nearby reserve, and connect with their First Nations Family. That leaves the kitchen critically short-staffed, and forces Justin to pitch in at the stove.

Meanwhile, Mick’s niece Natalie, the former manager who quit Cocos after last summer, comes back to help out behind the bar… and starts to boss the new managers around.

Forced to mediate, Justin has to choose between his girlfriend, Amelia, and his cousin. In the heat of the moment, he doesn’t realize that a wrong move could cost him dearly.

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