Season 2: Episode 5 Trailer.

Grand Benders Season 2, Episode 5: Pinery Provincial Park

Music — “Makar” by Lonnie Szoke

At Cocos, the entire season consists of two months of 18-hour days, taking care of people on vacation. No one has time for a holiday of their own, and by mid-summer, exhaustion and resentment are setting in.

This week, Justin has some making up to do with his girlfriend, Amelia: after he sided against her in an argument, she almost quit and dumped him.

And at Shady Lanes Cottages, cousin Natalie has hit a wall of her own — she won the argument that night, but lost the war, and she too has had to make amends.

Everyone needs some R&R and some time to cool down.

Natalie brings a massive beach party back to Shady Lanes for some all-night carousing. Justin blows off his chores and takes Amelia away for a romantic camping trip to Pinery Provincial Park… leaving Mick steaming and plotting his revenge.

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